What is the Best Charity to donate a car to?

Tips for finding the best charity for your car donation

Donating a car to animal charity

You can even donate your car to benefit animals!

The first thing you will want to consider is what cause you are feeling good about. There are literally thousands of places to give your car to charity. Make sure you choose the right one for you. Determine whether or not you want to help animals, people in need, or even a hospital looking for a cure to a disease.

Make sure the charity cause you choose will accept your vehicle donation

There are a lot of good causes out there that would prefer monetary donations simply because they are easier for them to handle. They don’t have to sell the car, they don’t have to deal with any regulatory fees or policies. Even just the transaction of the sale might be their reason. Some charities have limited time and resources, and would prefer to allocate them in other ways.

On the other hand there are many who prefer vehicle donations over any other type. For instance goodwill has a program that will give the car to a person with financial problems.

The beneficiary of  the car donation cannot make it to their place of employment or cannot get a job without a reliable car. There are also Many charities that are out and about doing shovel in hand efforts to help those in need.

These charities will use your car donation directly to transport volunteers and supplies to areas that need help. Personally I find this type of donation areas to be one of the most beneficial. It seems like a direct form of help with minimal effort. Just think, that old pickup truck you never use could be used in delivering medical supplies during a natural disaster!

Due Diligence 

Research the charity you have chosen and make sure that you know exactly where the money will go if they are going to sell the car. There are a lot of middle men that will accept a donation of a car and keep a large percentage of the profit. You should be able to find out without too much trouble where exactly the money from the sale of  your donation will go. Find out how much of it will be used to directly benefit those in need, and how much will be lining somebodies pocket.