Tis the Season to Lock in Your Car Donation (and Tax Benefits)

With the New Year Coming Soon, Now is the Time to Donate Your Car in 2013

Salvation army helping people during the holidays. A great time of year to donate a car to the needy.

Salvation army helping people during the holidays. A great time of year to donate a car to the needy.

If you want to claim your deduction in the new year you will have to complete your donation in the next month. This should be easy to accomplish, because December is the month where charities are really looking hard for donations for the Christmas season. If there were ever a time of year where your donation can be used most, this is certainly it. Now that winter is covering most of the nation, the need for food, coats and shelter for homeless and needy people is greatest.

You can donate you unused car and have it sold quickly for profits that will benefit the needy people on the street. It will also possibly (depending upon the charity you give to) offer presents for needy children.

You can follow a few easy steps to ensure you are not only helping the most needy, but your transaction will be taken care of in time for the April 16th tax deadline. It will, also ensure it will be deductible for this current tax year. Go here to find a worthy charity to donate your car. If you need assistance or have questions about how to get the best tax benefit from your donation visit this page gain maximum tax benefits from vehicle donation.

Summary of the car donation process

  • Find a charity
  • Figure out if they will use the car or sell it for cash
  • Keep all receipts and records
  • Have your vehicle appraised
  • Receive documentation from the charity for your tax purposes
  • Enjoy the benefits of a great looking tax return and helping the needy people during the holidays

For more tips and suggestions visit some of the links below. We have covered nearly every aspect of the car donation process here. We don’t take any sort of donations on this website, so you can trust that we have no stake in the matter. We are only here as a service to you to make your donation process easier and more bearable during a potentially stressful process of car donation during the holidays.