Donating a car for cancer

   Should I donate my car to cancer? 

In my opinion there is no cause more deserving of your car donation than cancer research. Even a direct donation to a person inflicted with it would be a kind gesture.  Cancer is a terrible disease that we all can relate to in some way. Everyone knows someone who has been inflicted with cancer of one form or another. Money used for cancer research is at an all time high. They always need more than they have. There are a lot of different ways your donation vehicle can be used for cancer.cancer car donation tips photoThey can use it for education, advocacy, and patient services programs.

The American Cancer society actually has a program called cars for a cure. You can donate a car, boat, or just about any vehicle you can imagine. They use your donation in a variety of ways. Your car can be running, or non running. They will gladly accept it either way. The American Cancer Society is the Nations largest non government investor in cancer research.

The steps to donating your car are easy

The only thing you need is a transferable title.  You can Fill out a car donation form, send them the title, and they will send someone to pick up the vehicle from you.

  • Simply complete the donation form with basic information about you, your vehicle and where your vehicle needs to be picked up.
  • Once you have completed the form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with information about mailing your title to our processing center.
  • Once they receive your title, in 24-48 business hours they can schedule the pickup of your vehicle.

Every car donation helps the American Cancer Society fight for more birthdays.  This movement for birthdays envisions a world with less cancer, where every year of life is cause for celebration.

When you donate a car, truck, boat, RV, or other vehicle to the American Cancer Society Cars For a Cure program, you help people in your own immediate community learn about, prevent, and treat cancer.  Please Help support them with your car donation today!