Donate My Car to NPR

A Worthy Charity Known as “National Public Radio”

NPR car donationWe all listen to NPR on occasion, there are often days where there simply isn’t anything worth while on the radio besides news and all the other entertaining NPR programs. Granted once in a while it’s good to listen to music, but on long trips I especially love to listen to stories and world news etc. So lets say I have an extra Vehicle and I need a good place to make a charitable car donation, here’s how!

  How Can I Donate My Car to NPR?

To donate a car to the National public radio is a fairly simple process. The first thing you will need to understand is that these cars are only accepted at a local level. So you will need to search for a local member station. There isn’t an NPR headquarters that will accept this donation. You can find a local station here, from this point you will be able to set up a donation time and place nearest you. You will find in your local station search that there are likely more NPR stations near you than you would have guess. Lets say I live in San Francisco, CA. You will soon realize that there are 10 different NPR stations to give your vehicle to!

Why Donate to NPR?

Giving directly to the organization will make your life easier, and it will also ensure that they will benefit the most. By cutting out the middle man your charity of choice, in this case NPR will see the most money from the transaction. During the car donation process there are often many people who would like to dip their hands into the cookie jar. Ensure you are donating to a worthy cause and there aren’t people taking a cut before the money makes it into the hands of those who most deserve it.