Car Donation to the Salvation Army

Are you considering the Salvation Army Car donation program? as the recipient of your vehicle donation. When you donate your car to The Salvation Army, you’re helping the Salvation army heal broken lives and assist people on the road to recovery.

Car donation banner for the salvation army

Donating your car to the salvation army

The Salvation army will sell your car and use the proceeds to help people in your area. I find the salvation army to be a great place to donate vehicles.  I would keep them in mind if you are looking for a worthy place to donate your car. You see them working hard all throughout the year. Especially around Christmas time.  They are probably the highest name recognition charity around. They are a trustworthy place to donate your vehicle. You can rest assured that your car will have gone to a good cause, and that you will get a significant tax deduction for your donation.


  1. […] would seem just about any charity will accept it. You can donate to cancer research or even the salvation army. Depending on where you live there might be some good places in your area to donate your vehicle. […]